Outdoor Living

The ideal landscape plan has hardscape elements that allow you and your family to physically enjoy the beauty of your outdoor spaces. A path or walkway lets you move around and enjoy every corner of your home’s landscaping, while a patio invites you to stay for a while.  Hardscape grills, fireplaces, patios, sitting areas and more allow  you to relax and feel refreshed in your own oasis.

Hardscapes tell visitors that your outdoor spaces have been planned and thought through with just as much love and care as your interior decor and furniture. Patios and walks are proof that your home does not end at your door but extends – and beckons – outside, where all are invited to come and enjoy. At SRS Construction, we use a variety of materials to artistically create your dream outdoor living space. Never have there been more materials to choose from and the list grows every day, so you don′t have to settle for a no-personality gray concrete patio.